Monetary Union.

Can Fiscal Autonomy Improve a Devolved Scotland's Economic Performance
Cuthbert, J.R., Cuthbert, M..: Scottish Affairs, no 41, (2002).

This is a contribution to a symposium on fiscal autonomy. We argue that one important factor behind Scotlandís relative economic decline has been loss of competitiveness associated with its membership of the UK monetary union: fiscal autonomy solutions therefore have to be approached with great caution, unless they involve the kind of powers which would enable Scotland to achieve a boost in competitiveness equivalent to a significant devaluation, or a significant interest rate cut, relative to the rest of the UK.
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The Prospects Facing an Independent Scotland in the Euro, while the Rest of UK Stays Out
Cuthbert, J.R.: Scottish Affairs, No.45, (Autumn 2003).

Argues that an independent Scotland could have an advantageous entry path into the Euro: but might face real problems thereafter. Also contains material on the factors underlying Irelandís economic success: also some of the problems inherent in Irelandís growing loss of competitiveness within the EU.
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Scotland Devolved and Monetary Union

Cuthbert, M.: Scottish Affairs, No.45, (Autumn 2003).

Considers Scotlandís performance in relation to Gordon Brownís Five Tests, both as a member of the UK monetary union, and as a potential member of the Euro zone.
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Suddenly the Euro Becomes an Issue Again

Cuthbert, J.R., Cuthbert, M.: Scots Independent, Issue 959, January, 2009.

Some commentators argue that the UK's current economic difficulties make it a good idea for the UK to consider entering the Euro now. This note argues that early Euro entry would be bad for the UK - and particularly bad for Scotland.

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A comment on an issue relating to Scotlandís currency

Cuthbert, J. R.: published in The National, 18th March 2019.
A brief note, highlighting the importance of securing adequate resources to back any new Scottish currency: makes the point that, in this context, the question of compensation for the oil revenues which were effectively misappropriated by Westminster has to be addressed.

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