Fact File on Labour Market and Social Security: Scotland

Compiled by Margaret and Jim Cuthbert: 5th September 2014

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This factfile is intended to provide a user-friendly source for a range of data relevant to the labour market and social security in Scotland. It has been compiled mainly from official data sources: in each case, the data source is given. The data is as extracted from the relevant sources as at end August, 2014. Since the database is intended to accompany a published article, (which can be accessed here), it is not anticipated that it will be updated: any future updates would appear as new databases.

While the data here has been compiled from official sources, there are potential anomalies with some of the data, particularly for the smaller local authorities, and we take no responsibility for the quality of such data.

To access data on the separate topics, click on the links below.

Note that Section 1 contains an overview of key facts from the database.

Contents: Section Numbers.
1. Overview.
2. Employment
3. Unemployment
4. Economic Inactivity
5. Long Term Sickness
6. Unemployed and Long Term Sickness
7. No Formal Qualifications
8. Workless Households
9. Children in Relative Poverty
10. Life Expectancy
11. Incapacity Benefits
12. Income Support
13. Disability Living Allowance
14. Jobseekers Allowance
15. Housing Benefit
16. Sanctions
17. Scottish Index of Deprivation
18. Some Factors Associated With Deprivation
19. Zero Hour Contracts etc.